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Chicken soup with root vegetables

Chicken soup with root vegetables

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The sliced ​​and washed chicken was boiled in water with a little salt.

After it reached boiling point, I removed the foam formed and left it for a few more minutes so that the fat melted, then I removed the thighs, chest and wings that I used for another meal.

I added the washed and chopped vegetables in small cubes, covered the pot and let it boil over medium heat for about 35 minutes.

After this time I added the tomatoes, I added more salt and I left it on the fire for another 15 minutes, then I extinguished the fire and I added the chopped parsley.

The meat being tender, it was cooked quite quickly, so I deboned it for a more pleasant appearance when serving.

Portion the chicken breast and lightly brown it in hot oil in a pan with a thicker bottom or special for paella. Add finely chopped onion, crushed garlic, peas, pepper and sliced ​​mushrooms.

Season with rosemary, salt and pepper to taste, add the curry powder and continue to harden the vegetables until soft. Add the strained chicken soup, the rice, a saffron powder, the sweet paprika and let everything boil, on the right heat, without stirring, until the soup is absorbed and the rice blooms. Serve hot.

Vegetable soup

Cheerful cooks presents you today a Vegetable soup , post, prepared as in Transylvania more precisely in Crisana & # 8230 Last week I also presented the recipe for Baked beans , all post. We try to bring to your attention a series of fasting dishes so that you can handle it more easily during Lent over the Year.

Vegetable soup

3 carrots,
2 parsley roots,
1 parsnip root,
1/2 medium celery,
6-8 potatoes,
1 medium-sized onion,
1 tablespoon sweet or spicy paprika,
salt, pepper to taste,
green parsley,
100 ml oil,

It's the simplest cooking soup I've ever known. Let's see what we have to do.
First we clean the carrots, parsley, parsnips, celery, onions, potatoes. Cut the onion into small pieces, peel and wash the potatoes, cut them into larger cubes, like for a potato soup and put them aside in cold water. Carrots, parsley, parsnips and celery are cut into small cubes. So far nothing complicated I say. Do you agree with me?
What was harder is over. We go on to prepare the vegetable soup, as the fast ends and we are still talking & # 8230
Heat 100 ml of oil, sauté the finely chopped onion until it becomes glassy, ​​add the diced vegetables and sauté everything for another 10 minutes. We pull the pot aside, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of paprika on top, I honestly tell you, I put half a tablespoon of paprika, half a hot paprika, because we Transylvanians, although we are softer, like to eat more spicy & # 8230. it hurts, it hurts, we are hot and we smell like we are too quiet sometimes & # 8230, then we mix and pour over the water about 2.5 l & # 8211 3 l. Season with salt and ground pepper to taste and let it boil covered until the vegetables are boiled. Now it's time to add the potatoes cut in the juice and leave it on the fire until the potatoes are cooked. If you still need it and the soup is too thick, we can add more water and season with salt and ground pepper. At the end we sprinkled chopped green parsley on top.
Did I mention this vegetable soup is simple? I said! & # 8230and I tell you to try it, it will definitely be to your liking!

Cheerful cooks wish you,
Good appetite !

Liquid preparation technology

Liquid preparations are served for breakfast and have the role of filling the body's fluid needs and opening the appetite of consumers, due to the nutrient content.

When obtaining liquid preparations, meat and juice from meat, vegetables, greens, spices and additives such as: rice, pasta, sour cream or yogurt, eggs are used.

a) clear soups: bone soup, dumpling soup, noodle soup

b) thickened soups: bean soup with ribs, tomato soup with rice

c) cream soups: pumpkin cream, mushrooms, cauliflower

a) from vegetables: potato soup, lettuce

b) from vegetables and bone broth: peasant vegetable soup

c) from vegetables and meat (borscht): Moldovan, Russian borscht and belly soup, borscht with meatballs, Transylvanian soup with pork, peasant soup with beef

Clear soups they are obtained from the combination of a bone soup with different elements of additives: beef bones, vegetables, onions, roots, spicy greens and spices.

The bones are cut, scalded. Wash the onion, cut it in half and grow it, wash the vegetables, clean them and grow them.

For 3.5kg: 1.3kg bone marrow, 160g onion, 600g root, 2g pepper, 50g salt.

For dumplings: eggs 3 pcs., Semolina 300 g., Green parsley 50 g., Pepper 2 g., Salt 50 g.

Put the bones to boil in cold salted water. Foam and simmer for 3-4 hours. Add the roots. Continue boiling, strain and keep warm. The dumpling composition is obtained separately. It is portioned into oval pieces that are boiled in boiling salted water for 10 minutes. Drain and add to the soup.

Consumers are concentrated, degreased and clarified liquid preparations that are served only on special occasions.

Quality conditions: clear or slightly opalescent appearance with greenery on the surface, yellow color, pleasant taste and smell characteristic of bone soup and additives.

Defects: cloudy appearance (no salt was added from the beginning, boiling was done in large pots, the foam was not removed in time).

There are thickened soups obtained by pressing thermally processed vegetables, mixing with boiling liquid and a binding element (liezon).

Cream soups have at least two vegetables (onion and basic vegetables that give the name of the soup).

The general technological process includes the following stages:

checking their quality

obtaining bread croutons by cutting the bread into thin slices and then into cubes that are sprinkled with butter and browned in the oven.

Mix the yolks with flour, milk and salt and continue to simmer until well penetrated, gradually adding the hot bone soup.

Pass the vegetables to obtain a puree that mixes with the lychee and cook for another 10 minutes on low heat, stirring constantly.

The consistency is adjusted with hot soup until the preparation has the appearance of a flowing cream. Add cubes of margarine to the surface, serve hot with bread croutons on top.

Chicken cream soup

chicken 400g., margarine 25g., milk 200 ml., eggs 1 pc., flour 50g., soup 1.5kg., salt 25g.

Boil the chicken until it is well penetrated into the bone broth. Remove, debone and cut into small cubes. Prepare the milkshake from milk, flour and salt, mix with the soup, boil for 10 minutes, add 6 small pieces of margarine to the surface and serve in the soup bowl with the small pieces of chicken.

This delicious fruit can be more than a refreshing dessert in summer. Watermelon is rich in electrolytes and antioxidants that hydrate the body and strengthen the immune system. To enjoy an increased nutritional intake, eat watermelon as ripe as possible.

Spinach is rich in nutrients, including folic acid, which can help the body create new cells. In addition, spinach is a very good source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C and other essential nutrients. It is recommended to eat raw or steamed spinach, in order to fully enjoy the nutrients it contains.

Ingredients for the recipe for chicken soup with semolina dumplings

  • 2 chicken legs
  • 2 carrots properly
  • 50 g gulie
  • 80 g pastranac
  • Parsley
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Half a half pepper
  • An average onion
  • 100 g gray
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • The water

Preparation for the recipe for chicken soup with semolina dumplings

Wash the vegetables and meat very well, then cut the carrot, parsnip and gulia according to your preference.

The onion is kept whole, and I cut the pepper into 3 larger parts because it will be removed at the end anyway.

Put the vegetables together with the meat and 3.5 liters of water in a large pot.

Boil, and when the soup foams we will carefully collect all the foam, as many times as needed.

If you want a yellower soup like mine then do not peel the last row of onions.

This will give a nice color to the soup.

Chicken soup with very fluffy semolina dumplings: a very easy recipe known to everyone.

Check that all the vegetables are cooked, then remove the onion and pepper from the soup.

In a bowl beat 2 eggs with a pinch of salt and 3 tablespoons of oil.

After beating them well, add about 120 g of semolina. It depends on the size of the eggs.

Reduce the heat, and with the help of a spoon or fork, add the semolina dumplings to the soup.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Boil for about 5 minutes, then add green parsley.

If you want to get very fluffy dumplings then cover the pot and leave it like that for 30 minutes, only after that serve it.

The recipe and photos belong to Dorina Sabau and participate with this recipe in the Great Winter Contest 2019: cook and win

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup. Today I propose you a recipe for vegetable soup, light, easy to prepare, ideal for dinner. Vegetable soup can be served both hot and cold. It is ideal for fasting days, on hot summer days. More soup / soup recipes can be found here- SOUP / SOUPS. I invite you to try this vegetable soup recipe!

Vegetable soup ingredients:

  • 130 g onions
  • 100 g carrots
  • 100 g capsicum
  • 50 g noodles
  • 70 g zucchini
  • 20 g parsnips
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • parsley
  • salt.

Preparation of vegetable soup:

We wash the vegetables well, clean them and cut them according to preference. I cut the carrot and parsley into slices, zucchini, onion and pepper into cubes.

In a saucepan put the olive oil, then the vegetables and salt, let them harden over low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

After the vegetables have hardened, add 2 and a half liters of water, let it boil for 1 hour. Add the noodles and let the vegetable soup boil for about 7 minutes.

We turn off the heat and the vegetable soup is ready. Sprinkle with freshly chopped parsley.

If you want a sour vegetable soup, you can put borscht (leave it to boil for another 5 minutes) and at the end, freshly chopped larch.

Complexity Preparation time Nr. servings
low 1 hour and 20 minutes
6 servings


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Moroccan style lentil soup & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

My dear ones, today I come with an easy and healthy recipe, Moroccan style lentil soup made according to my mother-in-law's recipe. Lentil soup is a very easy dish to prepare and so tasty. The first time I ate this soup in Morocco and I was impressed by its taste. My mother-in-law served it to me with delicious olive oil and ground cumin. A real delight!

Since then, I make this soup very often because everyone likes it very much and it is one of the few soups my husband eats. And my parents really like it, especially my mother, who never refuses a hot or cold lentil soup. What I like about it is that it is easy to make, with few ingredients. We don't need carrots, celery, parsnips or other roots that only change the taste of the soup and turn it into a vegetable cream soup, which I don't want.

Tomatoes, onions and greens are enough because the aroma of lentils is what interests us in this soup. Lentil soup is also very healthy, lentils are rich in vegetable proteins that are beneficial for the body and provide satiety. In addition, it is good for fasting people, but also for the little ones. You can use any kind of lentils you can find, red, yellow or green, it doesn't matter, the soup will be just as tasty. Red lentils boil faster and are creamier, but if you can't find them, green ones are also good.

For spices, I recommend coriander, cumin and paprika to get that Moroccan flavor. Of course you can exclude them if you don't have them in the house or you don't like them, but I use them all the time for this kind of soup. I wholeheartedly recommend this soup, I'm sure you'll love it as much as we do.

We peel the four roots and put them on a smaller or larger grater & # 8211 here everyone chooses how fine he wants to scrape them. I prefer them given on a larger grater to feel better each root participating in the salad. If desired, you can add parsley root to the four, which is sweet and very tasty. The quantities or pieces of beets, radishes, celery and carrots should be approximately equal as part of the salad. However, from four average roots results a fairly large salad.

Prepare the dressing by putting olive oil in a bowl and lemon juice over it. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of freshly ground pepper. We beat it a little with the fork until it becomes a suspension (ie it mixes everything and it is no longer clear). Put the dressing over the roots given on the grater and mix them well. With the amount of dressing juggled, depending on how you like and prefer, more or less. You can also use balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar or wine. I recommend for all salads the use of a vinegar obtained by natural fermentation but not from the one obtained by diluting the chemically obtained acetic acid. It will write on the glass e.g. & # 8220wine vinegar obtained by natural fermentation of wine & # 8221 or & # 8220obtained by diluting acetic acid & # 8221 Naturally, beets will color the whole salad. Wash the lettuce, drain it well, cut or break it by hand and put it in the root salad. Stir once more, lightly.

Root salad can be eaten without anything else if you want to follow a short detox or can sit very well next to a steak. It is consistent and energizing and does not lie hungry for only 5 minutes.

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