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Winter dessert

Winter dessert

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We can choose several kinds of citrus, pink and yellow grapefruit, pomello, which is at hand.

Peel and grate the fruit, carefully removing the skins. We also take care to keep the juice resulting from this process, and not to crush the resulting slices too hard.

Mix in a bowl the fruits with their juice and orange liqueur. If we make this dessert for children we can boil the juice with a little water and sugar. Let it cool for about an hour, during which time we beat the whipped cream and sweeten it to taste. Fry the almonds in a non-stick pan, without fat, let them cool. We put the fruits in cups, garnish with whipped cream and almonds. Ready!

The vegetables are cleaned and washed.

Cut the vegetables into slices. I used the Tefal NE685838 meat grinder accessory and finished it in a few minutes.

Put the vegetables in a large bowl and mix with salt. Leave overnight. If you leave a lot of liquid, you can leave only a few hours.

The next day, the vegetables drain the liquid.
Mix water with vinegar and add salt to taste. If you want to add sugar, mix well until it melts.
The jars are sterilized.
See here how to sterilize in the oven or microwave.
Vegetable salad for the winter put in jars.

Each jar is filled with water with vinegar, then screwed on and kept in a cool place, such as a pantry or cellar. After opening, keep the jar in the refrigerator.
Good appetite and I am waiting for you with impressions.

Christmas recipes. The Lord's diapers, a fasting dessert that reminds us of childhood

Christmas recipes. The Lord's diapers, a fasting dessert that reminds us of childhood

A dessert that reminds us of childhood, of the winter holidays spent in the country, where we had the most beautiful winter holidays. It is usually eaten on Christmas Eve, but who has the patience until then?



500 g flour
1 pinch of salt
125-150 ml of water
honey / sugar - the amount is determined by each, depending on preferences
400 g chopped walnuts
vanilla essence
rum essence
grated peel from 1 orange
grated peel of 1 lemon

From flour, a pinch of salt and water we prepare an unleavened dough. We break the pieces of dough and spread them with the rolling pin in a rectangular or round shape, on a plate on which we sprinkle flour. The sheets must be very thin.

Bake the sheets on the stove or in a Teflon tray on both sides. Let them dry for at least 24 hours. We prepare a lukewarm syrup of 500 ml of water, 3 tablespoons of honey, sugar, flavors and grated orange peel and lemon

Soak each sheet for 1-2 minutes in syrup. I sprinkled chopped walnuts on a plate. We put the syrup cake over the walnut, then we sprinkle the walnut and sugar over it, we put another sheet and we repeat the operation until we finish the cakes, writes

Cover with walnuts and sugar, pour another 4 tablespoons of syrup over them so that they are well syruped, then put a wooden bottom over them. In a few hours we put 2-3 more syrup polishes. Cover them with cling film and let them rest for another 24 hours and draw all the syrup.

Winter fruit salad - a quick and healthy dessert

To prepare this tasty dessert, you need a few ingredients:

- a few cubes of fresh pineapple

- 240 gr of pomegranate seeds

- a piece of ginger of about 1 cm, cleaned and finely chopped

- seeds from a vanilla pod.

The preparation method is as follows:

Combine the brown sugar with 500 ml of water and vanilla and put everything in a pan. Using a peeling tool, remove a few pieces of lemon peel and a few orange peels and put them together with the other ingredients over low heat. Let everything boil for 5 minutes, and when the time has passed, put the composition in the fridge.

Meanwhile, peel the oranges and squeeze them. In a bowl, place the other fruits: mango, banana, kiwi, pineapple and pomegranate. Pour the citrus juice over them. Also now you have to add the syrup obtained previously, which you left cold, but not before removing the ginger, vanilla beans and lemon and orange peel.

The salad can be served at room temperature or cold, after being kept in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Try this too Fruit Salad winter, which will help you get rid of your dissatisfaction with your post-holiday figure, especially since pineapple and ginger are known for their weight loss benefits. In addition, citrus and pomegranate are rich in vitamin C, a substance that will help you avoid the cold typical this season.

Marinated cheeses for winter: 2 simple and tasty recipes that can be prepared by anyone.

Ghebele are very tasty and fragrant forest mushrooms, from which a lot of dishes can be prepared. Today we suggest you try 2 light recipes for marinated ghebe, so you can enjoy the unmistakable taste and aroma in winter. Ghebele is very simple and easy to prepare, just boil them and add vinegar and spices to taste. You will get a delicious snack, which can be served with onions or you can prepare various salads. Enjoy them with pleasure.



& # 8211 a knife tip of lemon salt


1. Boil the mushrooms 3 times for 15 minutes.

2. Put the mushrooms in the strainer each time and wash them so that they become lighter in color.

3. Then boil the marinade for 5 minutes, pour it into jars and staple the jars.


& # 8211 9% vinegar (1 tablespoon to a 5 l jar)


1. Boil the mushrooms for 1.5-2 hours until they are ready.

2. Drain the water, wash the mushrooms and pour clean water on top, add spices to taste, salt, sugar and vinegar.

3. Before boiling the mushrooms a second time, you need to measure how many mushrooms fit in a 0.5 l jar, so you know how much vinegar to use.

4. Boil the mushrooms for 15 minutes, put them in sterilized jars, cover them with sterilized lids and staple them.

Note:if desired, you can sterilize the mushroom jars before stapling them.

  • countertop
  • 6 eggs
  • 7 tablespoons sugar
  • 7 tablespoons flour
  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • Cream
  • 450 g mascarpone
  • 200 g condensed milk
  • 250 ml whipped cream
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • a vanilla and butter / or vanilla / rum essence
  • Syrup
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 200 ml water
  • decoration
    (click for recipe)
  • or (click for recipe)

Top: separate the eggs, mix the egg whites, add a pinch of salt and sugar and continue mixing, add the yolks, melted chocolate with butter and finally sifted flour with baking powder.
Wallpaper with baking paper a round shape with removable walls of 26 cm. Pour the composition and bake for about 25-35 minutes on medium heat, then let the countertop cool.

Cream: mix the mascarpone for 2-3 minutes, add condensed milk and whipped cream mixed with the two tablespoons of powdered sugar. Season with an essence and keep cold.
We prepare the syrup as follows: caramelize the sugar, add water and boil until the caramel is melted. Leave to cool.
Cut the top in half, syrup the first part and add three quarters of the cream, cover with the second, syrup this one and cover the cake with the remaining cream and fondant marshmallow paste or sugar paste.
If you do not want to prepare mmf paste, divide the cream in half and decorate only with cream.

Let cool for a few hours and we can serve. Fine, delicate and absolutely divine, good appetite!

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The queen harvests her favorite fruits on her own

He says that he saw the queen one day, picking raspberries from the rugs by herself. "I was walking and I saw the queen and Princess Margaret picking raspberries. I couldn't believe it! Later the raspberry was on the table and he asked me - Can you make a dessert with it? ”.

If you think of "Victoria sponge" - a well-known fluffy cake with a layer of jam and cream, traditional at tea time - you are wrong. Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dessert is “Framboises St. George ”, which McGrady describes as a kind of raspberry dessert (photo) in the shape of the English flag. He prepared it many times for the queen and put the recipe on his own blog so that others could prepare it.

Fasting dessert & # 8211 7 delicious recipe ideas

Being a fairly long period, it is almost impossible not to see an important opportunity in the post. Whether it's an anniversary or something to celebrate, there are times when you need a dessert that isn't "sweet." And the options are more than you think. You can replace both classic desserts, such as cakes, candies, blackberries, and fruit tarts or cakes, with their version of vegetable ingredients.

Cake top with candied fruit

Surely you had a special occasion at some point and did not know what dessert to prepare. Well, we offer you a simple and tasty cake top recipe with candied fruit, which you can combine with various glazes and fillings, according to your own taste. You will get a fluffy and flavorful top, similar to the famous "funfetti cake", thanks to the candied fruit sprinkled in the dough.

Peanut butter candies

We didn't think until now that we would find the perfect dessert. You know, that dessert that besides being extremely good, doesn't make you regret eating it, because it's healthy…? We believe that peanut butter candies are the right choice. It basically combines two of our favorite things, candy and peanut butter!

Vegan check

You know it's a holiday when you smell the cake or cake all over the house. We don't know why, but nothing compares to the cake made by my mother or grandmother on special occasions. Here is a recipe with which you can recreate this feeling for your loved ones even before the holidays, when you are still fasting. Here is a recipe tested by vegan cake, which has always been appreciated by guests, regardless of food tastes and styles. We guarantee that after you take it out of the oven, the whole house will smell of celebration!

Black with okara

We all know that blackberry is a simple dessert, known and loved by everyone, with which you can not fail. If you've ever tried making soy milk, you probably know that okara is that white-yellow pulp that remains at the end of the milk filtration process. Used as an ingredient in the classic blackberry, okara will turn it into a creamy, moist, delicious and at the same time healthy dessert, because it is full of fiber and nutrients - which you can't say about many sweets…

Oatmeal, apple and raspberry dessert

This recipe brings oatmeal full of nutrients along with vitamins and the flavor of raspberries and ripe apples. Of course, you can also adapt it by adding your favorite fruits or your family. You will get a delicious and healthy dessert, without added sugar and to everyone's liking.

Lemon pie

It is somehow difficult for us to imagine a dessert in which lemon is the star ingredient. Its strong tart taste doesn't quite match our expectations when it comes to cakes. Chef Daniela Dan managed to do this! This lemon pie recipe will not leave a bitter taste in your mouth - on the contrary, a sweet-sour one, and this without using sugar. In other words, any reason not to try to prepare it disappears!

Strawberry tart with vanilla cream

This strawberry tart (with vanilla cream) is a creamy recipe that does not require the use of the oven and is suitable for any special occasion. Based on a vegan biscuit dough and a vanilla and coconut cream (prepared like a traditional pudding), the tart is decorated with fresh fruit and mint leaves and is ready in just half an hour!

You might be surprised by these desserts in that it's not as complicated to cut out sugar or chocolate as you thought. There are all sorts of little tricks to make a healthier dessert and be able to enjoy something sweet without feeling guilty. Try them too!

See also our article on fasting ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Useful tips for successful pickles and preserves

  • Choose healthy vegetables without visible defects (spots, soft or moldy areas). Even if they are sold at a tempting price, you better avoid them. A single broken piece can ruin the whole series of cans you prepare.
  • Wash vegetables thoroughly in several cold waters to make sure you have removed any chemicals they may have been sprayed with.
  • Follow the instructions and weights in the recipes! A more diluted brine in pickles or a shorter cooking time of the zacustia can compromise the whole batch.
  • Zacusca (like jams and jams) boils easier and faster in pans wide. 40 cm in diameter. The evaporation rate of water is increased and the zacusca decreases faster if the pot has a large surface area. Of course you will have to have separate pots for jam and zacusca (the smell of onions stays in the pores of the pan no matter how you wash it).
  • Rough salt is used for pickling. It can be bought in general in the markets and is sold in a 5 kg bag (it is called & # 8222Salt for the food industry & # 8221)
  • Horseradish, thyme, peppercorns, bay leaves, dried dill sticks are not just simple & # 8222 flavors and spices & # 8221. They contribute to the good preservation of canned vegetables. For example: horseradish gives firmness to cucumbers and donuts, ie keeps them crispy. That's why we don't add horseradish to the sauerkraut from which we want to make sarmale. All horseradish is the one that keeps the beautiful color of the broth!
  • In our recipes, only cold brine is used (even if it has been boiled, it is left to cool) so as not to soften the vegetables.
  • Observe the rules of food hygiene and conscientiously wash and sterilize the containers (and their lids!) In which you will keep these pickles and canned vegetables for the winter.
  • It is preferable to bottle the cans in larger and smaller jars (as appropriate) and open them gradually as you consume them. If one breaks down it's not a big deal. Containers must be adapted to the number of family members. If you are 2-3 people, it is recommended to put zacusca in 400 ml jars and pickles in 1.5 & # 8211 2 L jars. A 30 L pickled cabbage can hold 9 cabbages! Do you eat them all until spring?
  • Make sure you have a suitable storage space for these jars: a ventilated and cool pantry, a dry cellar, etc. Unfortunately, many new apartments do not have rooms as in the past, but only closets where the temperature is much too high. Don't be surprised if the jams ferment or the pickles and zacusca mold.

If you follow the tips above you will prepare some pickles and canned vegetables!

Observation: You can read the complete recipes by clicking on titles or images From lower.

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