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Best Seaweed Recipes

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Top Rated Seaweed Recipes

With locations in New York, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, and internationally, Zuma creates some of the best Japanese cuisine on the planet. This is their spicy tuna roll recipe, which you'll find is simple enough to make at home, even for a novice sushi-maker. Be sure to buy the highest quality sushi-grade tuna at your local fish market. If your grocery store doesn't carry some of the Japanese ingredients, don't fret! The sushi will still be delicious if it's missing some of the elements. Feel free to play around with other common sushi ingredients like scallions, sriracha, chili oil, etc.For an even easier version, you could skip the rolling and simply combine all of the ingredients without the nori to create a spicy tuna bowl. Recipe courtesy of Zuma.

This recipe is perfect when you're strapped for time, and kids will think you're super fancy for serving something sushi-like for dinner (and have a blast building their own handrolls). Just grab your favorite vegetables (cucumbers and asparagus work well), some steamed shrimp, and soy sauce to fix it all up.Click here to see Fast and Furious Dinner Recipes — 20 Minutes or Less.

Add vegetables and this doubles as a perfectly good summer soup. I use asparagus stock here because this sauce is going to accompany my Asparagus Paella, but feel free to replace it with basic stock.Click here to read the full story on Dirt Candy: A Cookbook.

Ever think of sushi and latkes on one plate? This recipe does, with crispy fried latkes rolled up with cucumber, rice, and nori. Think of it as a Jewish tempura roll.

Take a walk on the exotic side with this risotto with smoked white fish and fried seaweed. Sauro is a white fish similar to swordfish found in Italy; if you can’t find it, smoked swordfish is an acceptable substitute.


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