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Melon ice cream

Melon ice cream

Mix the milk with the eggs, vanilla, 200 g of sugar and starch and put the mixture on the fire, until it thickens and becomes a fragrant cream, spreading the smell of vanilla throughout the neighborhood. Remove from the heat and place the brandy, then leave to cool

Separately, after removing the seeds from the melon, clean the whole core nicely, pass it through a sieve and powder it with 50 gr of sugar, leaving it to cool for about half an hour. Then add the whipped cream and mix everything with the vanilla cream. How delightful!

Put in a portable form, or whatever boxes, boxes and other things you have, cool. Don't forget to take out the ice cream every two hours to mix the ice cream well. This is for those who don't have an ice cream machine ... yet! : P

And here's how to make a refreshing melon from an aromatic melon for a summer day. I like it with chocolate drops :) I kissed you