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When the Worlds of Music and Food Collide

When the Worlds of Music and Food Collide

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Arcade Fire needs their food fix, even on the road

You might never think that the key to a rock star’s heart is through his stomach, but for the members of Arcade Fire, this statement rings absolutely true. According to the new podcast "Food Is the New Rock", Arcade Fire signed with Merge Records after the record company took them out for a killer meal in North Carolina.

Mac McCaughan, founder of Merge Records, is married to James Beard Award-winning chef Andrea Reusing, so he knows the power of good food. Way back in 2003, McCaughan brought the men of Arcade Fire to Chapel Hill pan-Asian restaurant the Lantern, where Reusing works. She must have whipped up some pretty incredible food because the band signed with Merge shortly thereafter. And the rest is history.

Of course, this is a stretch, but there’s no doubt that food and music share a common thread.

The Daily Meal spoke with McCaughan about how he views these two favorite pastimes. He pointed out that when on tour, bands spend hours, days, and weeks traveling, often without a nutritious, satisfying meal.

But thanks to the many health-conscious stores like Whole Foods, musicians can seek out good food even on the road, and according to McCaughan, "An awesome meal at a great restaurant is still something to be treasured on tour." He tells us that some days on tour are scheduled around meals, making it a point to get to a favorite local restaurant before hitting the road again. Touring musicians are lucky if they make it to a great local hot spot, but as McCaughan points out, chefs and musicians work similar hours, and all too often "chefs can’t get to the show!"

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