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Dessert cake with leaves and chocolate, two-tone

Dessert cake with leaves and chocolate, two-tone

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Put the chocolate, butter, sugar and milk together and stir continuously until the chocolate and butter melt. Allow to cool.

Sift 300 g of flour into a large bowl. Add salt, baking soda quenched with lemon juice and eggs. Add the composition with chocolate and rum essence. Knead the dough, adding as much flour as possible. A large, non-sticky ball is formed, which is divided into five equal parts.

Let the dough cool for 30 minutes.

After that, turn on the oven to heat.

Grease the back of a tray with oil and spread a part of the dough on it. Prick from place to place with a fork and place the tray in the oven until the sheet is well cooked.

Continue in the same way with the rest of the dough, greasing the back of the tray with oil before spreading each sheet.

Bake five sheets in total.

Prepare the cream.

White chocolate and whipped cream are put together on the fire and stir continuously until the chocolate melts.

Starch, flour, sugar and salt are placed in a bowl and mixed with a little cold milk.

The rest of the milk is put on the fire and when it reaches the boiling point, it is taken off the fire and the starch composition is poured into it. Stir vigorously with a fork, add melted white chocolate and vanilla essence and put everything back on the fire until it thickens (stir continuously).

Spread the hot cream on a sheet, then place another sheet over it, pressing it lightly, put the cream again and so on until you put the last sheet.

Place a tray and something heavy over the cake to press and even out overnight. Keep cool.

The next day, the cake can be powdered with sugar and served.


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