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Fish skewers

Fish skewers

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Fish Skewers Recipe of of 05-08-2017 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

The fish skewers they are a delicious dish that can also be eaten as finger food. I prepared them with tuna, salmon and swordfish, of course you can also choose to use other types of fish, as long as you use thick slices that you can pierce with a wooden stick. I cooked mine grilled fish skewers, if you prefer, however, you can opt for skewers in the oven or simply cooked ones in the pan, to you the choice! Mid-August is approaching and it is good to think of a menu for the occasion by bringing some new entries;) Girls, no beach for this weekend but I will devote myself to wild shopping taking advantage of the last minute sales. A kiss and good weekend: *


How to make fish skewers

Prepare your fish slices on the cutting.
Remove their skin, then cut them first into strips and then into cubes of about 2 cm.

Compose each skewer alternating the pieces of fish with a tomato and two pieces of courgette.
Grease the grill pan with a little oil and heat it well, then cook the skewers on both sides for about 10 minutes.

Add a little salt and bring your fish skewers to the table.

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