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Shrimp toast

Shrimp toast

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Prawn Toast Recipe of of 16-02-2017 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Shrimp toast will quickly take you to the East, they are in fact one of the most popular Chinese cuisine in the West! They are prepared by stuffing slices of bread for sandwiches with a shrimp cream, then passed in the egg and covered with sesame seeds. shrimp toast they are then fried until golden and crunchy. They are prepared in just half an hour and are a delicious appetizer not to be missed if you are organizing one ethnic dinner. For the sake of completeness of information, I tell you that in the filling there would also be some water chestnuts, here we are not easily available, if not canned in Asian supermarkets, but if you can find them put them;)
I'll leave you with the recipe of the day and I'm going to pack my suitcase again, tomorrow I'm in Verona for another event where my husband is a speaker. I feel so much a ball bouncing lately, well kiss those who pass by: *


How to make shrimp toast

Fry a clove of garlic in a pan with the oil, then add the shrimp, salt and a grated grated fresh ginger. Cook for a couple of minutes.

Remove the garlic and put the prawns in a mixer with the cornstarch and soy sauce.

Blend until creamy, then put the mixture in a bowl and add a whipped egg white.
Mix until you get a cream.
Spread the prawn cream on two slices of sandwich bread.
Then cover with the other 2 slices.

Now cut into triangles starting from 4 squares.
In a deep dish mix the yolk, egg and a pinch of salt, then wet the toast on both sides.
Transfer the toast to the sesame seeds and cover the sides.

Fry them now in a pan with boiling oil, making them brown.

Your prawn toasts are ready to be served hot.

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