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Fennel-Crusted Pork Chops with Potatoes and Shallots

Fennel-Crusted Pork Chops with Potatoes and Shallots

Cutting the vegetables into similarly sized pieces helps them cook at the same rate, so this entire dish—sauce included—can be made in one pan.


  • 1½ tablespoons fennel seeds
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely grated
  • 1 teaspoon hot smoked Spanish paprika
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
  • 2 1-inch-thick bone-in pork loin chops (about 1¼ pounds total)
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 pound small Yukon Gold potatoes, quartered
  • 2 large shallots, cut into quarters with some root attached
  • ½ cup fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves
  • 2 teaspoons red wine vinegar

Recipe Preparation

  • Preheat oven to 450°. Toast fennel seeds in a small dry skillet over medium heat, tossing often, until fragrant, about 4 minutes. Let cool.

  • Combine fennel seeds, garlic, paprika, and 2 Tbsp. oil in a small bowl. Season pork with salt and pepper and place in a resealable plastic bag. Add spice mixture; seal bag and turn to coat. Let sit at least 30 minutes.

  • Heat remaining 1 Tbsp. oil in a large ovenproof skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium-high heat. Cook pork chops until golden brown on 1 side, about 4 minutes; turn. Add potatoes and shallots to skillet; season with salt and pepper and toss to coat in pan drippings. Cook, tossing potatoes and shallots occasionally, until pork is golden brown on second side, about 4 minutes.

  • Transfer to oven and roast until potatoes are tender and an instant-read thermometer inserted into thickest part of chops registers 135°, 10–15 minutes. (If potatoes need more time, transfer chops to a plate and continue to roast potatoes until tender; transfer chops back to skillet when potatoes are done.) Remove skillet from oven and mix in parsley and vinegar. Let pork chops rest 5 minutes in skillet.

  • Transfer chops to a cutting board; cut meat from bones and slice against the grain. Serve with potatoes, shallots, and any pan juices.

  • Do Ahead: Pork chops can be marinated 1 day ahead. Keep chilled.

,Photos by Christina Holmes

Nutritional Content

Calories (kcal) 390 Fat (g) 20 Saturated Fat (g) 5 Cholesterol (mg) 75 Carbohydrates (g) 26 Dietary Fiber (g) 3 Total Sugars (g) 1 Protein (g) 26 Sodium (mg) 210Reviews SectionI have made this several times - it is yummy! I have experimented with alternatives to fennel seeds since they aren’t my favorite. This tastes great with almost any fresh herbs - thyme, Oregano, rosemary, etc. The herbs and the Smokey paprika And garlic with the pork are a wonderful combination!MadryeBellaAlexandria, VA08/01/20potatoes need wayyyy longer than 15 minutes to roast in the oven too. the chops were done within 5, the potatoes took 15 minutes longer.Do not toast your fennel seeds for 4 minutes, that's absurd. they begin to burn after 2 minutes on medium heat. toast them for 1 to 1.5 minutes.


Every recipe in this book has been designed and tested to ensure that it can be made in an hour or less. We obsessively timed ourselves as we developed the recipes and then rounded up to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes based on how long they took, from gathering our ingredients to trying that first bite. We had our kitchen interns make each recipe to double-check the timing, and then we sent recipes to our home cook recipe testers to triple-check.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Roast Chicken

This simple roast chicken recipe by legendary chef Thomas Keller is one of the best I've seen. It's an essential, delicious chicken preparation and something every cook should and can master. Enjoy!

One 2- to 3-pound farm-raised chicken
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 teaspoons minced thyme (optional)
Unsalted butter
Dijon mustard

Rinse the chicken, then dry it very well with paper towels, inside and out. The less it steams, the drier the heat, the better.
Salt and pepper the cavity, then truss the bird. Trussing is not difficult, and if you roast chicken often, it's a good technique to feel comfortable with. When you truss a bird, the wings and legs stay close to the body the ends of the drumsticks cover the top of the breast and keep it from drying out. Trussing helps the chicken to cook evenly, and it also makes for a more beautiful roasted bird.
Now, salt the chicken—Rain the salt over the bird so that it has a nice uniform coating that will result in a crisp, salty, flavorful skin (about 1 tablespoon). When it's cooked, you should still be able to make out the salt baked onto the crisp skin. Season to taste with pepper.

Place the chicken in a sauté pan or roasting pan breast side up and, when the oven is up to temperature, put the chicken in the oven. Leave it alone—don't baste it, don't add butter you can if you wish, but I feel this creates steam, which I don't want. Roast it until it's done, 50 to 60 minutes. Remove it from the oven and add the thyme, if using, to the pan. Baste the chicken with the juices and thyme and let it rest for 15 minutes on a cutting board.

Remove the twine. Remove the thighs and drum sticks. Cut the breast down the middle and serve it on the bone, with one wing joint still attached to each. The preparation is not meant to be super elegant. Slather the meat with fresh butter. Serve with mustard on the side and, if you wish, a simple green salad. You'll start using a knife and fork, but finish with your fingers, because it's so good. Enjoy!

Recipe Summary

  • 6 small white potatoes, 1 1/2 pounds, halved and sliced into 1/2-inch-thick half-moons
  • 1 medium fennel bulb, fronds chopped, stalks sliced crosswise 1/2 inch thick, and bulb halved then sliced 1/4 inch thick lengthwise (tough core removed and discarded)
  • 4 cloves garlic, halved lengthwise
  • 5 teaspoons olive oil
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 1 whole chicken, cut into 10 pieces (about 2 1/2 pounds)
  • 1 can (14 1/2 ounces) reduced-sodium chicken broth

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In a deep 9-by-13-inch baking dish, toss potatoes with fennel (bulb and stalk), garlic, and 4 teaspoons oil. Season generously with salt and pepper. Bake, tossing occasionally, until potato edges are browned, 35 to 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, warm remaining teaspoon oil. Season chicken with salt and pepper cook, starting with skin side down, until browned on both sides, 6 to 10 minutes. Remove chicken.

Wipe skillet with a paper towel add broth, and bring to a boil. Add chicken and hot broth to potato mixture in baking dish bake until chicken is no longer pink and an instant-read thermometer registers 165 degrees, 20 to 25 minutes. Garnish with fronds.

Susan Puckett

Deviled is a cooking term that’s been around since the 1700s, referring to boiled or fried foods that have been heavily seasoned with cayenne and other hot spices. But a perfect deviled egg is hard to get right, says Twain’s executive chef Savannah Haseler. It starts with a properly boiled egg. Haseler begins by piercing the wider end of each raw egg with a push pin, pressing just enough to puncture the shell. Place eggs in a large pot, and add enough room-temperature water to cover the tops by at least an inch. Bring to a boil over medium heat, then set the timer for two minutes. Add ½ teaspoon baking soda for each quart of water to increase alkalinity, making it easier to peel the eggs. Remove the pot from heat, cover with a lid, and let sit for 10 minutes. Drain, and run cool water over the eggs until they are not too hot to handle but still warm to the touch. Roll each egg on the countertop until tiny cracks appear all over. Peel under cold water, beginning at the pin hole.

The Breakdown
Cut eggs in half, and scoop out the cooked yolk into a bowl.
2. Push yolks through a mesh strainer into a medium bowl. “This is a little time-consuming but well worth it,” says Haseler. “It makes the yolks light and fluffy and gives the filling a great texture.”
3. For 1 dozen yolks, add ½ cup mayonnaise, 2 tsp. smooth Dijon mustard, ½ tsp. salt, ¼ tsp. white pepper, and a pinch of cayenne. Mix until just incorporated.
4. Spoon mixture into a piping bag fitted with a star tip. (If you don’t have one, improvise by snipping about ¼ inch off the corner of a plastic bag.)
5. Squeeze mixture into each egg half, using a circular motion to create a swirling pattern.
6. Garnish as desired. For Twain’s signature deviled egg, Haseler folds the yolk mixture into homemade pimento cheese then tops it with sunflower sprouts, bacon pieces, and pickled mustard seeds.

Perfect pairing: Twain’s pimento cheese
Using an electric mixer, blend 8 oz. softened cream cheese and ½ cup mayonnaise at medium speed until thoroughly combined.
2. Add 2 cups shredded extra-sharp cheddar cheese, ¼ tsp. garlic powder, and ¼ tsp. ground cayenne pepper.
Mix to combine, then fold in ½ cup chopped pimentos. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Illustration by Joel Kimmel

About Chef Savannah Haseler
Since taking over as executive chef at Twain’s in 2012, Haseler has gradually elevated its menu with thoughtfully sourced local ingredients and classic techniques. Last year she was selected to cook with a team of Georgia chefs at the James Beard House in New York.

This article originally appeared in our June 2016 issue.

Technique: How to make Bread & Butterfly’s fluffy pancakes

“These pancakes need to come with a warning,” says Bryan Stoffelen. “Once you’re finished, you’re going to want to lay on the couch for the rest of the day.” Crisp and golden-brown on the outside and meltingly tender and cake-like in the center, the lofty, dinner plate–sized beauties arrive at Bread & Butterfly’s tables oozing with butter and warm, pure maple syrup.

What’s his secret? Besides top-shelf ingredients like King Arthur flour, organic local eggs, unsalted European-style butter, and pure maple syrup from Virginia, Stoffelen uses an alarming amount of baking powder—10½ teaspoons—and a generous pinch of Diamond Crystal kosher salt. That extra leavening creates plenty of air pockets for maximum fluffiness.

Makes 12 to 14 large pancakes

1 In a large bowl, sift together 4½ cups all-purpose flour, 10½ tsp. baking powder, 3 Tbsp. sugar, and 1 Tbsp. kosher salt. In another large bowl, beat 3 large eggs and 4 cups whole milk with a whisk until blended. Meanwhile melt 9 Tbsp. unsalted, European-style butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Slowly whisk the melted butter into the wet ingredients.

2 Using a wooden spoon, fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and stir until thoroughly combined but still lumpy. Do not overmix it can result in tough, rubbery pancakes.

3 Let the batter sit undisturbed for at least 30 to 60 minutes, or refrigerate overnight. This will hydrate the gluten for a more tender pancake.

4 Heat a griddle to 325°F (a simple one from Black & Decker works) or medium to medium-low if cooking on the stovetop. Add 1 Tbsp. butter and let it coat cooking surface. If butter starts to brown, reduce heat.

5 Ladle ½ cup (or 4 oz.) of batter into the pan. Cook approximately 3½ minutes. (If pancake is browning too quickly, reduce heat.) When bubbles appear all over the surface and start to burst, slide a spatula underneath and flip. Cook another 3½ minutes.

6 Flip only once, and don’t mash down with a spatula, which will deflate and toughen the pancake. (To check for doneness, insert a toothpick in the center to see if it comes out clean.) Keep pancakes warm in an oven set to 200°F until ready to eat.

7 When done and still on the griddle, place a few generous pats of butter on half of the pancakes and melt by placing an unbuttered pancake on top of each. Stack on a serving dish and saturate in warm syrup.

Illustration by Joel Kimmel

About Bryan Stoffelen
A native of Fairfax County, Virginia, Stoffelen moved to Atlanta in 2010 to join the line at 4th & Swift and later Cakes & Ale. He worked as chef de cuisine until last December, when he took over the kitchen at Bread & Butterfly.

This article originally appeared in our May 2016 issue.

Technique: Preserving Place’s Martha McMillin on her award-winning strawberry preserves

Few sights inspire us to take a crack at home canning more than a farm stand overflowing with just-picked strawberries. A jar full of glistening homemade preserves makes a year-round prized treat, whether smeared on a hot biscuit, dolloped onto goat cheese, or draped over ice cream. Here, Preserving Place’s Martha McMillin explains how to make her award-winning recipe.

1 Sterilize seven 8-ounce canning jars and have them ready in a canning pot full of hot water. Keep clean lids in a small pot of warm water, with sterilized rings nearby.

2 Briefly rinse and drain 6 pounds of strawberries. Hull and leave whole, or cut in half if very large.

3 Place strawberries in a wide, large, nonreactive heavy-bottomed pan. Stir in 4 cups sugar and 1⁄3 cup pure bottled organic lemon juice. Bring to a steady boil over medium heat, stirring gently so as not to crush the berries.

4 When sugar dissolves and mixture turns soupy, add 2 green apples (cored, seeded, and quartered) and boil 20 to 30 minutes, skimming off any white foam and stirring frequently until mixture has thickened to a syrupy consistency.

5 Remove apple pieces before they fall apart, then cook mixture approximately 30 minutes longer. Remove from heat once the color and aroma of the preserves deepen and intensify, and mixture is thick enough that you can see the bottom of the pan as you stir
6 Remove jars from the canning pot and bring the water to a hard boil. One by one, place a funnel into each jar and ladle in the preserves, leaving ¼ inch of space below each rim. Run a thin knife around the inside edges to remove air bubbles, which can trap bacteria. Wipe down the top rims and sides of the jars. Place a lid on top of each jar and twist on the ring.

7 Place jars into the boiling water. The water should cover the jars by at least one inch. Cook for 10 minutes at a steady, hard boil.

8 Remove jars and place on folded towels. Do not disturb for 24 hours, then press down on the center of each lid to check whether it has sealed. If the lid does not move, that indicates a proper seal. If it pops back up, the jar should be refrigerated and used immediately. Date the can and be sure to use within one year, or within two to three months after opening and refrigerating.

Basic training
New to canning? Learn more about the water bath method on the Ball canning equipment website at

Illustration by Joel Kimmel

About Martha McMillin
In 2013 McMillin left a 31-year career in law to open her Westside storefront that puts up local produce the old-fashioned way. Of the store’s 15 different preserves, pickles, and condiments, one of her bestsellers is strawberry jam, which she and her team are making this month as strawberries come in season.

This article originally appeared in our April 2016 issue.

Technique: Holeman and Finch’s Linton Hopkins on French rolled omelets

“An omelet in its purest form is sacred to me,” says Linton Hopkins as he sets a nonstick skillet with shallow, sloping sides on the stove. “The fewer ingredients the better, so long as they are of exceptional quality: the best farm eggs you can get, really good butter, and sea salt. I don’t even add pepper.”

To be clear, Hopkins isn’t talking about the puffy half-moons bulging with cheese and veggies found on diner menus across America—that’s a Western-style omelet. He’s talking about the French omelette roulée, or rolled omelet, a deceptively challenging dish said to be the true test of a chef’s skill. From pan to plate, the whole process takes less than two minutes. The texture should be tender and velvety, says Hopkins, not spongy or rubbery, with soft curds in the center that border on underdone (they’ll continue to cook from the residual heat once rolled). The finished product should be uniformly pale yellow with no creases or cracks. “An omelet is a lesson in simplicity, judgment, and hand-eye coordination,” says Hopkins. “Once you get the technique down, you won’t even need a spatula.”

Have a serving plate ready on the counter beside the pan, along with sea salt for seasoning. Crack two large eggs into a bowl. Beat vigorously with a fork until whites and yolks are thoroughly incorporated but not foamy.

Set your skillet over high heat. Add 1 Tbsp. butter and tilt pan to coat. There should be wisps of steam rising from the pan when the butter starts to sizzle. As it foams, add eggs and quickly twist the pan to coat the bottom.

Sprinkle eggs with salt. Constantly shake the pan to lightly scramble the eggs. Smooth over the top with a fork as needed to ensure even cooking, until soft curds begin to appear and a thin skin forms on the bottom of the pan. If curds form too quickly, remove from heat.

Tilt pan toward plate. Using a fork, gently loosen the top edges of the omelet and allow it to roll over itself, slowly tilting the pan further until the omelet rolls onto the plate. For a more even shape, set a clean tea towel over the omelet and gently press the edges inward with the sides of your hands.

Remove towel and gloss the top of the omelet with butter. Serve immediately.

The Perfect Pan
For the omelet maker in your life, Hopkins suggests the 8.5-inch Original French Chef Omelette Pan by the Pot Shop of Boston. This deluxe utensil is made of heavy cast-aluminum for slow, even cooking.

About Linton Hopkins
Since he opened Restaurant Eugene with his wife, Gina, in 2004, Hopkins’s empire has grown to include Holeman and Finch Public House, H&F Burger, Hop’s Chicken, and a bread company that delivers to kitchens citywide. In November 2014, the 2012 James Beard Award winner for best chef in the Southeast opened the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Cafe at Linton’s, which is set to move into a two-story, state-of-the-art facility later this spring. This classic rolled omelet will be available all day.

Illustrations by Joel Kimmel

This article originally appeared in our March 2016 issue.

Technique: Cafe Alsace’s Benedicte Cooper on perfect profiteroles

The profiteroles at Cafe Alsace have developed quite a reputation since Benedicte Cooper first put them on the menu 18 years ago. “We have regular customers who order them on their anniversaries instead of Champagne,” says Cooper. The trio of airy, crispy puffs, filled with homemade ice cream, arrive nestled in a pool of vanilla bean–flecked custard, draped in bittersweet chocolate sauce, and showered with toasted almonds and confectioners sugar. The pastry is made from dollops of eggy, buttery dough called choux paste (pâte à choux, pronounced paht-ah-shoo). Master this versatile pastry dough, and you can build a number of sweet and savory dishes. Poke a hole in the bottom to pipe in chocolate mousse for a cream puff. Form into an oblong log, fill with custard, and frost with chocolate for an éclair. Drop dollops into hot oil and roll in powdered sugar for beignets. Or pipe in cheesy béchamel for gougères.

1 Preheat oven to 400°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment.

In a medium saucepan, combine 1 cup water, 1 stick unsalted butter, and a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium. Add 1 cup all-purpose flour, stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon until dough pulls away from the sides of the pan, about 2 minutes.

Transfer dough to a large mixing bowl. Add 4 large eggs, one at a time, beating mixture vigorously with a wooden spoon in between. The dough should be shiny and smooth. Don’t over-stir, which can prevent puffing.

Using two spoons, scoop a mound of dough about 1 ½ inches in diameter and place on parchment-lined baking sheet. Repeat with remaining dough, placing mounds about an inch apart.

5 Dip your finger in water, then smooth the top of each mound. Bake until lightly browned, puffed, and firm to the touch, about 20 to 25 minutes.

6 Remove to a baking rack and let cool completely. Using a serrated knife, slice each puff in half horizontally. 7 Spoon a pool of crème anglaise onto the center of the plate. Set the bottoms of three puffs on top and crown each with a scoop of ice cream. Add tops, drizzle with chocolate sauce, and sprinkle with toasted sliced almonds. Shower with confectioners sugar.

Top it off—bonus recipes:

Crème Anglaise
Makes about 1 1/2 cups

1 cup whole milk
1 vanilla bean, split
4 egg yolks
½ cup granulated sugar

Place milk in a medium saucepan. Scrape seeds of vanilla bean into milk, add bean, and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar until very light in color.

Remove vanilla bean from boiling milk. Gradually whisk hot milk into egg mixture. Return to saucepan and cook over medium-low heat while stirring, being very careful not to let the mixture boil. Keep stirring, and test thickness by dipping a wooden spoon into mixture and then dragging it through the custard. If it leaves a path, it’s sufficiently thickened. Strain custard into a bowl cover and chill.

Dark Chocolate Sauce
Makes 1 ¼ cups

1 cup 58 percent dark chocolate chips
½ cup heavy cream

Place chocolate and cream in top of a double boiler set over simmering—not boiling—water. Heat, stirring occasionally, until chocolate is melted and thoroughly incorporated into cream.

Remove from heat cover and refrigerate if not using immediately. To reheat, place in a saucepan over low heat.

Illustration by Joel Kimmel

About Benedicte Cooper
A native of Alsace, France, Cooper first made her mark on the Atlanta pastry scene at the now-defunct St. Agnes Tea Garden, a quirky little shop that developed a cult following after opening in Decatur in 1995. Then in 1997 she followed up with Cafe Alsace, also in Decatur, which quickly became a neighborhood favorite thanks to a homey menu rooted in French-German classics, from boeuf bourguignon with spaetzle to these profiteroles.

This article originally appeared in our February 2016 issue.

Technique: Kyma’s Pano I. Karatassos on making fish en papillote

Just how fresh is the fish at Kyma? It was likely still swimming in Greek waters 18 to 30 hours before it hit your plate. “We’re lucky to have that door-to-door connection, from Athens to Kyma,” says chef Pano I. Karatassos. To highlight the fish’s natural maritime flavors, he keeps seasoning to just olive oil, lemon, fresh herbs, and salt and pepper. As for preparation, one of the easiest and healthiest techniques is cooking en papillote, in which fillets are wrapped in parchment to steam in a hot oven. Stuff the parchment packets with sliced vegetables or rice for a complete meal. The trickiest part is checking for doneness, but Karatassos shares a chef’s trick that works like a charm: Poke a metal cake tester through the paper into the meatiest part of the fish. After five seconds, remove it and lightly touch it to the bottom of your lower lip. If it’s warm, it’s done. If it’s scalding, the fish is likely overcooked. (A one-inch-thick piece cooked at 400°F should take 12 to 15 minutes.)

1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.

2. Cut a rectangle of parchment large enough to fold over the fish from side to side and top to bottom. Drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil.

3. Season 2 skin-on fish fillets (3 to 4 oz. each) with salt and pepper. Place one fillet, skin-side down, in the center of the parchment.

4. Top with ½ cup of pilaf and add the other fillet, skin-side up. Drizzle with more olive oil.

5. Add 1 to 2 tsp. water, white wine, or other liquid, which will create the steam.

6. Fold long sides of parchment over the fish, then fold the shorter sides over.

7. Cut a 3-foot-long piece of kitchen twine and center the package over it lengthwise. Pull the two ends together, cross in the middle, wrap it around the fish once, and tie as if you’re wrapping a present.

8. Set package on a baking sheet and place in the oven. Bake 12 to 15 minutes for every inch of the thickest fillet. Remove, snip string, and open parchment, being careful not to let the steam burn you. Serve with lemon wedges and extra rice pilaf, if desired.

Fresh Catch
Home cooks who want access to the same variety of high-quality fish can shop the market housed inside Kyma’s sister restaurant, the Atlanta Fish Market.

Bonus recipe: Spanokorizo (Spinach Rice)
Makes 2 to 4 servings

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
½ cup long-grain rice
½ medium Vidalia onion, finely diced
1 small bay leaf
1 cup water
8 ounces spinach, leaves rolled in tight bundles and thinly sliced (chiffonade)
1/3 cup minced fresh dill
1/3 cup minced fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Set aside. In a medium saucepan, heat 1 Tbsp olive oil over medium-low add onion. Cook and stir onion until tender and translucent but not brown. Add rice cook and stir until lightly toasted. Add water, bay leaf, and ½ tsp salt. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until water is absorbed and rice is tender. Remove bay leaf. Stir in spinach, dill, and parsley, and immediately remove from the heat. Season to taste with salt and pepper drizzle with remaining oil. Toss rice until all spinach has wilted. Spread on parchment-lined sheet pan to cool.

Illustration by Joel Kimmel

About Pano I. Karatassos
The son of the founder of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, Karatassos trained under Michelin-starred chefs like Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Even so, his 14-year-old restaurant also takes inspiration from watching his grandmother prepare traditional Greek meals.

This article originally appeared in our January 2016 issue.

Fennel-crusted pork chops with potatoes and shallots

This is my idea of a perfect cool-weather weeknight meal: hearty, healthy, and comes together in an hour with little clean-up. To go with it, I roasted a pound of Brussels sprouts—trimmed, halved, and tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper—in a separate pan alongside it for about 20 minutes. Watch carefully and shake the pan now and then I like some dark, crispy leaves but don’t let them get too black. Depending on how big your pork chops are and how hungry you are, this will serve two to four.


1 1/2 tablespoons fennel seeds
2 large garlic cloves, peeled
1 teaspoon hot smoked Spanish paprika
1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
3 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
2 1-inch-thick bone-in pork loin chops (1 to 1 1/2 pounds total)
½ to 1 pound small Yukon Gold potatoes, quartered
2 large shallots, quartered, with some root attached
1/2 cup minced parsley leaves
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar


Preheat oven to 450°F. Place the fennel seeds in a small, dry skillet over medium heat and toast, stirring and shaking the pan often, until fragrant, 3 or 4 minutes. Let cool.

Grate the garlic cloves with a microplane into a small bowl. Stir in the fennel seeds, paprika, ½ teaspoon salt, 5 or 6 grindings of pepper, and 2 tablespoons oil. Place pork chops in a resealable plastic bag and add the spice mixture. Seal and turn the bag to coat thoroughly. Let sit at least 20 minutes, or refrigerate overnight.

Heat remaining 1 tablespoon oil in a large ovenproof skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium-high heat. Add pork chops and cook until golden brown on 1 side, about 4 minutes turn. Add potatoes and shallots to the skillet season with another ¼ to ½ teaspoon salt and a few more grinding of pepper and toss to coat in the pan drippings. Cook, tossing the potatoes and shallots occasionally, until pork is golden brown on second side, about 4 minutes.

Transfer both to the oven and roast until potatoes are tender and an instant-read thermometer inserted into thickest part of chops registers 135 degrees, 10 to 15 minutes. (If potatoes need more time, transfer chops to a plate and continue to roast the potatoes until tender transfer the chops back to skillet when potatoes are done.)

Remove the skillet from the oven and mix in the parsley and vinegar. Let the mixture rest 5 minutes in skillet.

If desired, transfer the chops to a cutting board cut meat from bones and slice against the grain. Serve with the potatoes, shallots, and any pan juices. Or, serve the chops whole for heartier servings.

Recipe adapted from one by Alison Roman that ran in Bon Appétit in February 2014

Technique: Cakes & Ale’s Billy Allin on open-top braising

For an easy dinner at home, Billy Allin suggests open-top braising, a slow-cooking method that yields super-tender meat with minimal kitchen effort. For poultry, Allin prefers the “crocodile” method, in which he places chicken (or duck) pieces in a pan and partially covers them with liquid, leaving the tops exposed “like the backs of crocodiles floating in the water.” Then he transfers the chicken to the oven and allows it to cook, uncovered, so that the skin on top browns while the liquid reduces down to a rich jus. Tips: Use high-quality stock (fortified with dry white wine), aromatic vegetables, and herbs, and season the chicken well the night before. But don’t overdo it. “You do not need to put Sriracha on this,” he says. “I like my chicken to taste like chicken.”

1 Place 4 chicken legs (with thighs attached) on a paper towel–lined rimmed tray. Generously season pieces with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper (or 1 tsp. of spice blend). Refrigerate 8 to 12 hours.

2 Preheat oven to 325°F. Remove chicken from refrigerator at least 30 minutes before cooking. Pat dry with paper towels. Coat a large, heavy, oven-safe skillet with 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil and set on medium heat. Add ½ onion, thickly sliced 1 ⁄3 stalk celery, sliced and 2 small chopped carrots. Saute until vegetables are softened and lightly caramelized.

3 Add 1 plum tomato (San Marzano, if possible), 1 fresh bay leaf, 2 sprigs thyme, and 1 whole peeled garlic clove. Cook 1 to 2 minutes, stirring to break up the tomato.

4 Add 1 cup dry white wine and 1 Tbsp. Champagne vinegar. Simmer for 2 minutes. Add chicken pieces and enough stock to partially submerge, leaving the top of the chicken exposed. Cook over medium until liquid is hot.

5 Drizzle top of chicken with more olive oil, and place pan in oven. Cook at 325°F, uncovered, for 1 ½ hours, or until done.

6 Cut each thigh and leg into 2 pieces. Pat off excess oil. Serve with jus from the pan.

Illustrations by Joel Kimmel

Spice Blend
Combine 1 cup kosher salt, 1 Tbsp. each toasted and ground coriander seed and toasted and ground fennel seed, 1 tsp. each toasted and ground cumin seed and freshly ground black pepper, and 1 ground clove. Store in a covered container.

Side Ideas
Allin suggests assertive-flavored sides to balance the mildness of the chicken. One favorite: quickly sautéed baby turnips and fresh artichoke hearts (or baby artichokes if you can get them.) He brightens the plates with handfuls of arugula leaves and suggests adding cooked farro for an earthy, chewy counterpoint. Pair with a dry Riesling, an Alsatian Pinot Gris, or light Beaujolais.

1 lemon, quartered
4 medium fresh artichoke hearts, halved (see directions)
1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup dry white wine
1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp salt
8 small turnips, trimmed, scrubbed and halved (or quartered) into bite-size pieces
A few handfuls of arugula leaves

In a medium skillet, combine artichoke hearts, 1/3 cup olive oil, wine, water, and salt. Bring to a heavy simmer and cook 8 minutes, or until most of the liquid has evaporated and artichoke hearts are sizzling in remaining oil. When very tender, remove to a paper towel–lined plate.

Add remaining 1 tbsp olive oil to another medium skillet. Swirl to coat, and add turnips. Cook and stir, shaking pan occasionally, until turnips are lightly caramelized. Transfer pan to oven and cook at 325ºF, 5 to 10 minutes, or until turnips are can be pierced easily with knife. Remove to a paper towel–lined pate.

To serve:
Place chicken on a plate with artichoke and turnips. Drizzle with some of the jus, and top with a handful of arugula leaves.

Tip: Preparing fresh artichokes
Peeling artichokes is a pain, but the flavor is infinitely superior to canned or frozen. A basic method: Squeeze the juices of 1 lemon into a large bowl of water, then cut up and toss in the rinds. Snap off the tough outer leaves from artichokes, then cut off the tops, leaving only the soft outer leaves. Using a paring knife, peel outer skin from around the base of the artichoke and stem. Cut artichoke heart in half, then scoop out all of the “choke,” the silky purple and white leaves in the middle that include the hairy-looking filaments that can scratch your throat if swallowed. Immediately dip hearts into lemon water to prevent browning until ready to use.

Chicken Stock
Makes 2 to 3 quarts

1 whole organic chicken, cut into pieces
1 small (or 1/2 large) onion, cut in half
1 medium carrot, cut in half
1/2 stalk celery
2 sprigs thyme
1 fresh bay leaf (or ½ dried leaf)
1 whole clove
2 peppercorns
1 1/2 gallons water

Place chicken, onion, carrot, celery, thyme, bay leaf, clove, and peppercorns in a large pot. Add enough water to cover the chicken by an inch. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer for 2 hours, uncovered, skimming surface as needed. Strain through a colander. Reserve chicken for another use.

Illustration by Joel Kimmel

About Billy Allin
James Beard semifinalist Allin is the chef owner of Cakes & Ale. Raised in South Carolina and educated in the culinary arts in northern California (including a stint at Chez Panisse), he worked as Scott Peacock’s sous chef at Watershed before opening Cakes & Ale with his wife, Kristin, in 2008.

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Add orange, bay leaves, cinnamon stick, tomatoes, and broth along with lamb to pot. Bring to a simmer, cover pot, and transfer to oven. Braise until lamb is fork-tender, 1½-2 hours. Transfer lamb.. Trim stalks flush with fennel bulb and cut each bulb lengthwise into quarters, or halves, if using small bulbs. In a heavy saucepan large enough to hold the fennel flat in one layer, melt 1.. Uncover brisket and increase oven temperature to 425°. Roast until liquid is reduced by three-fourths and top of brisket is crisp and deeply browned (it should be extremely tender), 50-60 minutes.

Preheat oven to 450°F. Combine first 5 ingredients in metal baking pan. Season fish with salt and pepper place atop vegetables Braised fennel recipe for a fall barbecue: the anise flavor of fennel goes well with chicken and lamb as well so weather permitting, prepare this braised fennel recipe ahead. Grill some chicken or lamb kebab and warm up your braised fennel when your barbecue chef puts the kebab on the grill. And voilà, lunch or dinner is served

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  • In a large skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of the olive oil. Add the fennel wedges cut sides down, season with salt and black pepper and sprinkle with the crushed red pepper. Cover and cook over..
  • Fennel is one of those vegetables that seems to always be in season. Its juicy crunch tastes like summer, and those delicate fronds look like spring. But the hardy bulb is really at its peak in the winter, from early autumn through April. Lucky us — it's a refreshing complement to winter root vegetables and potatoes.Here is a new (to us) recipe for fennel, a new favorite for winter
  • utes. Transfer to spice grinder process until finely ground.

Trim the fennel and roughly chop 1 tablespoon of the fronds. Halve each bulb through the core, then cut lengthwise into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Place a large skillet over medium-high heat and add just enough oil to coat the pan. When hot, cook half the fennel, without moving, until browned, about 3 minutes. Flip and cook 1 minute more Place chopped fronds in blender. Add olive oil, orange juice, orange peel, fennel seeds, and crushed red pepper blend to paste, scraping down sides of jar occasionally. Sprinkle pork roast on all..

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  1. utes. Add the thyme and cook for..
  2. Braised Pork Chops and Fennel. Braising Pork Fennel Main Dish Low Carb Mustard Pork Chop Dinner Food and Dating Weeknight Dinner Fall Winter Easy Dijon Mustard. 213 Saves Greek Lamb Braised with Tomatoes (Kokkinisto) Bon Appétit! 44 Saves Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs with Olives and Fennel. Chicken.
  3. gle with the olive oil and soften in the oven. It's a simple meal that's bold with personality — especially when finished with a generous sprinkling of crumbled feta

After the sausages cook for about 25 minutes, pile the onions and fennel on top along with some thyme sprigs, then pop it back into the oven for another 25 minutes. And dinner is served. Fennel Braised Sausages are delicious with white beans and greens, mashed potatoes, or with a simple green salad, which is how I usually prefer it When the oil begins to shimmer in the pan, add a single layer of fennel slices and sear until lightly browned, about 2 minutes. Use tongs to gently flip the fennel and brown on the other side for another 1 to 2 minutes, then transfer to a plate. Repeat with the remaining fennel and shallots, adding a tablespoon of oil to the pan each time

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1. Cut off the fennel stalks. Trim the bottom of the bulb and peel back the layers until you reach the core reserve the core for another use. Discard any bruised layers, and cut the fennel into 2-by-1/2-inch batons Hearing that fennel tastes like anise or licorice, many people decide to steer clear before even trying it. And while there are similarities, fennel — especially the bulb and leaves — is actually much milder than the pungent, almost-numbing licorice root. But fresh fennel does have the mildly sweet flavor associated with licorice, and the seeds (or fruit) are often candied and eaten after. Braised Lamb Shanks with Fennel, Tomatoes, Turnips and Carrots The shanks need to marinate overnight, so plan ahead. Uncork a spicy Syrah, Pinot Noir or Merlot to go with dinner. Share Braised.. Sign up for Yahoo Life's daily newsletter. Yahoo Lifestyle. Search quer

Place fennel wedges in pan and cook for 3-4 minutes without stirring. Flip fennel over and cook on other side. Pour vegetable broth into pan, bring to a simmer, and cover for 10-12 minutes. Meanwhile, combine milk and egg in a wide bowl. In a separate bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper One dish. Two days. We challenged super taster Chris Morocco to blindly taste a dish made by Christina and then reverse engineer it as closely to the origina.. , 2016 - Tuscan Braised Fennel Recipe This is such a pure and simple recipe with complex flavors from the fennel and a decadent touch from the grated cheese! A classic Italian side dish

Braised Veal Shanks with Bacon-Parmesan Crumbs. BON APPETIT. Horseradish-and-Parsley-Stuffed Rib-Eye Roast. Fennel-Crusted Pork Chops with Potatoes and Shallots. BON APPETIT. Man Buns. BON APPETIT. BON APPÉTIT. Tangy Brisket With Fennel and Herbs Braised fennel was one of the ingredients in our salad served alongside cured salmon and fruit and nut bread as the starters for our Thanksgiving Supper Club last week (pictures at the bottom of this post). The bronzed fennel sat on a bed of radicchio, endive and gem hearts with roasted beets, thinly sliced watermelon radish and raw fennel , Tomatoes And Olives recipe: Try this, Tomatoes And Olives recipe, or contribute your own

Braised Fennel Adapted from The Zuni Café Cookbook. While braised meats can take hours, braised vegetables are ready in only 30 or so minutes, making this type of preparation relatively quick and trouble-free. After a brief gilding in a skillet, the fennel slides into the oven and takes care of itself. It's a set-it-and-forget-it operation Add the artichokes and fennel and cook until the fennel is a little soft, about 12 minutes. 2. Reduce the heat to low and pour in the broth. Season with salt and pepper and cook until tender, about 1 hour. 3. Preheat the broiler. 4. Place the vegetables in their skillet under the broiler until slightly crispy on top, about 5 minutes Stir fennel seeds into skillet and cook for 30 seconds. Add sliced fennel and onion, seasoning with remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Reduce heat to medium and cook, tossing.. As I sit here writing this, my boyfriend is asking what a 'blog' is and how I know about them, wondering what, exactly, I'm going to write about. So, Bon Appétit is a blog about food, drink, cooking and anything else I add in as I go! Similar to my recipes actually! The Cabbage Patch means I can 'see how my garden grows' and is a vegetable diary

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  • Bon appétit THG - 01. Les entrées froides Salade de laitue fraîche Pear, wild nuts and strawberry vinaigrette seafood, mussels, fish and prawns spiced with fennel and saffron Escargots a la Bourguignonne Roasted escargots with garlic-and-parsley flavored Rock cornish hen with braised bacon, mushrooms, potatoes, shallots, carrots.
  • The fronds can be used in salads, but the main attraction of fennel is the bulb itself. It's very firm and crunchy, and it tastes a bit like licorice and anise. It has a fresh, bright taste and it's one of our favorite vegetables for salads and slaws. It can also be grilled or braised until tender
  • ABOUT THE BOOK. Alison Roman is known as much for her keeper recipes as her wry Instagram voice and effortless style. Her debut cookbook features 125 recipes for simple, of-the-moment dishes that are full of quickie techniques (think slathering roast chicken in anchovy butter, roasting citrus to bring out new flavors, and keeping boiled potatoes in your fridge for instant crispy smashed potatoes)

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  1. Tuscan Braised Fennel Recipe This is such a pure and simple recipe with complex flavors from the fennel and a decadent touch from the grated cheese! A classic Italian side dish! Artikel door Sweet Paul. 629
  2. Presented by Bright Cellars | Join Chris Morocco in his home test kitchen as he makes red wine and soy-braised short ribs. These richly flavored ribs are a r..
  3. Make this when it's Sunday and you're not leaving the house. One spoonful of this smoky-spicy guajillo braising liquid and you'll understand how complex drie..
  4. um foil and bake for 35 to 45
  5. Toss the sliced fennel bulbs and the onion with a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and throw in some fresh thyme sprigs. Remove the skillet from the oven and pile the fennel and onion on top of the sausages. Return the skillet to the oven and roast until the sausages are cooked through and the vegetables are tender, about 20-25.
  6. The Best Lamb Shoulder Curry Recipes on Yummly | Lamb Shoulder Curry With Ginger, Warm Spices And Cauliflower, Honey Braised Lamb Shoulder With Chermoula, Braised Lamb Shoulder With Clams, Pickled Chiles, And Mint. Lamb Shoulder with Citrus-Fennel Salad Bon Appétit. crushed red pepper flakes, lamb shoulder, fresh lemon juice, fennel bulb.

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Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel, Citrus, and Chiles. Bon Appétit Magazine. September 28, 2017 · Chris Makes Braised Short Ribs at Home. Bon Appétit Magazine. 58K views · May 7. 0:18. Pages Media Books & Magazines Magazine Bon Appétit Magazine Videos Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel,. Rock Shrimp Pasta with Spicy Tomato Sauce Bon Appétit. fennel bulb, unsalted butter, dry white wine, strozzapreti, kosher salt and 5 more Pork And Fennel Meatball Strozzapreti With Braised Chicory And Chilli Gourmet Traveller. strozzapreti, garlic cloves, chicory, extra-virgin olive oil and 15 more The sweet fennel, briny black olives, and bitter orange peel combine with rich braised pork shoulder to make for one irresistible dinner. I served this over soft polenta, but a root vegetable puree or risotto would also be good. Leftover pork can be pulled and used to dress pasta

. The cubed goat is soaked in a mixture of baking soda and water and marinated before braising to make it super tender and flavorful. This goat stew (or soup, if you like) features callaloo, dasheen and okra, but you can sub these out for any comparable vegetables, like green beans or yukon. Peel any of the fibrous outer stalks of celery with a vegetable peeler and slice into 1-inch pieces on the bias. Heat the butter in a 10-inch saute pan over medium heat Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel, Citrus, and Chiles. Bon Appétit Magazine. February 12, 2018 · Chris Makes Braised Short Ribs at Home. Bon Appétit Magazine. 59K views · May 7. 0:18. Pages Media Books & Magazines Magazine Bon Appétit Magazine Videos Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel,.

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  • Bon Appétit, March 2006 Serves 4. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons coriander seeds 2 tablespoons fennel seeds 1 tablespoon black peppercorns 4 large lamb shanks (about 5 pounds) 4 tablespoons olive oil, divided 1 large white onion, cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces 10 garlic cloves, peeled 3 celery stalks, cut crosswise into 1 1/2-inch piece
  • Contributing food editor Alison Roman shares her technique for any braised meat. A quick sear before roasting adds flavor to the final product and a simple r..
  • Roast chicken is the perfect dish for a crowd. Contributing Editor Allison Roman recommends slow-roasting with fennel and fingerling potatoes. Castelvetrano olives and oranges add a slightly briny and bright citrus flavor
  • Braised Sea Bass, Fennel, Kalamata Olives, Saffron Risotto. 1906 views. to taste, 2 x bulbs fennel, 1/2 c. pitted Kalamata olives, 2 Tbsp. orange zest, 1/2 x. Recipe Redux - Orange, Fennel and Olive Salad. 1069 views. Trusted Results with Bon appetit recipe fennel orange olive salad
  • Bon Appétit. This is an easy, classic, one pot meal that is even better when it is made in advance. There are so many reasons to love brisket and so many ways to keep it interesting. However, you should definitely start with a simple, traditional recipe that covers a basic braising liquid that makes some seriously delicious pan juices
  • and Turmeric

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  1. The Best Sliced Lamb Shoulder Recipes on Yummly | Braised Lamb Shoulder With Clams, Pickled Chiles, And Mint, Honey Braised Lamb Shoulder With Chermoula, Lamb Shoulder Stew Lamb Shoulder with Citrus-Fennel Salad Bon Appétit. crushed red pepper flakes, garlic cloves, fennel bulb, extra virgin olive oil and 6 more
  2. Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel, Citrus, and Chiles. Bon Appétit Magazine. July 17, 2018 · Rawlston Makes Braised Goat. Bon Appétit Magazine. 8.2K views · December 4, 2020. Related Pages See All. Pages Media Books & Magazines Magazine Bon Appétit Magazine Videos Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel,.
  3. Browse and save recipes from Bon Appétit Magazine, September 2019: The Fall Playbook to your own online collection at
  4. hillsboroks on December 02, 2019 . I made this dish as a Thanksgiving side dish and it was lovely. The leeks are silky, the vinaigrette is an intense mustardy flavor with the walnuts and tarragon adding more flavor and just the right amount of crunch
  5. This makes AIP Braised Carrots a delicious AIP side dish. This recipe is allergy friendly (gluten, dairy, shellfish, nut, egg, and soy free) and suits the autoimmune protocol diet (AIP), paleo and vegan diets

Fennel Gratin with Walnut-Thyme Breadcrumbs. BON APPETIT. Olive Oil-Roasted Spring Onions. BON APPETIT. Endive and Fennel Gratin. BON APPETIT. Pickled Vegetable Lettuce Cups. BON APPETIT. Spicy Roasted Pumpkin with Pickled Onion. GOOD FOOD AU. Crushed, Buttered Potatoes with Fried Parsley Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes cast-iron skillet pizza with fennel and sausage. Pizza dough is usually sold as a 1-lb. ball.. Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Apricot and Candied Fennel. BON APPETIT. Pecan Buttermilk Fudge. BON APPETIT. Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies. NEW YORK TIMES . Lemon-Hibiscus Frozen Custard. BON APPETIT. Bourbon-Butterscotch Pudding. BON APPETIT. Flaky Bread. BON APPETIT. Dilly Rolls 92 · Braised Pork Shoulder with Apple Cider and Ginger Beer Recipe. Recipe by Bon Appetit Magazine. 100. 10 ingredients. Meat. 5 lb Pork shoulder, boneless. Produce. 2 Apples. 12 Garlic cloves (about 1 large head) 3 sprigs Rosemary. 1 lb Shallots. Canned Goods. 3 cups Chicken broth, low-sodium. Baking & Spices

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  1. utes *Meanwhile, sauté mushrooms in butter/oil until they stop stea
  2. There are moments when the Universe throws a distinct pattern into my online adventures. Take the day that I saw Barb at Vino Luci Style's post about French Onion Soup. In the post she provided a Sur laTable recipe for slow braised onions. Then over on Twitter, SmithBites was also talking about her love o
  3. utes to the process
  4. DIRECTIONS. Sprinkle ribs with coarse salt and pepper. Place in even layer in slow cooker. Add next 7 ingredients, cover, and cook on low heat until meat is tender, about 8 hours
  5. Ingredients. 1 large red cabbage, 2 to 2 1/2 pounds, quartered, cored and cut crosswise in thin strips 2 tablespoons canola oil 1 small onion, thinly sliced 2 tart apples, such as Braeburn or granny smith, peeled, cored and slice
  6. utes. Heat oven to 375.

Combine broth, rice, 1 cup water and fennel seeds in heavy large saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer until rice is tender, stirring occasionally, about 45 minutes Pappardelle with Braised Ragu (Recipe adapted from Bon Appetit magazine) Ingredients: Ragu: Check out these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. 1 tbsp olive oil 10oz ground pork sausage 1lb ground beef 1 medium onion, diced 1 large carrot, diced 3 cloves of garlic, minced 1 tbsp tomato paste 1 tsp dried thyme 3 small tomatoes 1 1/2 cup dry red. Turmeric and Coconut-Braised Cabbage With Chickpeas - Bon Appetit. November 30, 2020 In Recipe Cabbage has emerged as the hero of weeknight pantry cooking, writes cookbook author and recipe developer Hetty McKinnon. Inexpensive and infinitely versatile, with an impressively long shelf life, one head of cabbage goes a long way With whole pink peppercorns and fennel seeds, this simple braise is gently perfumed and aromatic with fresh spring flavors inspired by the braised fennel at Red Hook Tavern in Brooklyn, New York.

Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat to 300°F. Uncover the pork, and add the onion, fennel bulb and fronds, rosemary, bay leaf, and wine. Cover tightly and cook until the meat is fork-tender, 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Leaving the liquid and vegetables in the pot, transfer the meat to a rimmed baking sheet to cool slightly Steam-Braised Sea Bass With Thyme And Lemon, Braised Tofu In Spicy Sesame, Peanut Sauce, and more. Discover the best new recipes from Sea Bass And Spicy Tomato Sauce Over Braised Fennel on Dishmaps The Bon Appétit Fellowship Program which invites you to explore the world of misunderstood vegetables than with fennel? To learn more about the misunderstood vegetables, visit Fennel Bulb and Frond Gratin. Get Closer to Your Food: Arugula Salad with Fennel, Pear, & Shaved Parmesan. Arrange the fennel in the dish. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then with the Parmesan. Drizzle with the oil. Bake until the fennel is fork-tender and the top is golden brown, about 45 minutes

Core and thinly slice 2 fennel bulbs chop some of the fronds. Peel the cloves from 1 garlic bulb and toss with the fennel and fronds, 1 quartered lemon, 3 tablespoons olive oil and 1 teaspoon. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Remove the stems of the fennel and slice the bulb in half lengthwise. With the cut side down, slice the bulb vertically into 1/2-inch-thick slices, cutting right. Le Bon Appétit @home will give you the unique experience of cooking with our award-winning Le Bon Appétit Chefs from the comfort of your own home. Each class will feature one of our Le Bon Appétit Chefs preparing a signature dish, as you follow along on Zoom and cook in your own kitchen Heat olive oil in a dutch oven set over medium high heat. Add onion and fennel and cook until softened. Add tomatoes and vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer the soup for 10 to 15 minutes

another shout out from 'the' bon appetit « The Bon Appétit Diaries says: November 5, 2011 at 11:56 pm [] in another of bon appetit's 'What People Are Cooking' posts Find your next dish among the Easy recipes from Chowhound. View all Chowhound has to offer from recipes, cooking tips, techniques, to meal ideas

Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder With Fennel And Apple, Crispy Five-Spice Pork Belly And Braised Pork Shoulder With Asparagus With Chilli And Orange, and more. See all Braised Pork Shoulder With Potato Fennel Puree recipes on A one pot recipe from Australian Gourmet Traveller for braised pork with fennel and cider. Recipe by Gourmet Traveller. 132. 7 ingredients. Meat. 2 kg Rolled pork loin. Produce. 2 heads Fennel. 3 cloves Garlic. 1/2 tsp Of dried savory. 1 Onion. Oils & vinegars. 2 tbsp Olive oil, extra-virgin. Drinks Add the onions, carrots and fennel to the pot and season with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add in the garlic and cook for another minute. Pour in the wine and the tomato paste, bring to a boil and cook over medium high heat for 2-3 minutes

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Preheat oven to 425°. Place carrots on a rimmed baking sheet and onions and fennel on another rimmed baking sheet. (Make sure to give them plenty of room, which is key to roasted veggies with.. Last night, the world in general, and American women in particular, lost an icon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious RBG, died at the age of 87 A little red wine for these braised chicken thighs, a little for you. (via Epicurious) FULL RECIPE: As I sit here writing this, my boyfriend is asking what a 'blog' is and how I know about them, wondering what, exactly, I'm going to write about. So, Bon Appétit is a blog about food, drink, cooking and anything else I add in as I go! Similar to my recipes actually! The Cabbage Patch means I can 'see how my garden grows' and is a vegetable diary

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Endive, Arugula, Fennel and Orange Salad. Endive, Avocado & Bacon Salad with Chipotle Ranch Dressing. Endive, Avocado & Pistachio Salad Endive, Apples, and Grapes Recipe from Bon Appetit Magazine. Grilled Endive with Lentils. Ham and Cheese Endive Nachos. Rice Noodle Salad with Endive, Shrimp and Soy-Ginger Dressing Braised Endives. 5 pounds bone-in beef short ribs, cut crosswise into 2-inch pieces Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 3 medium onions, choppe Last night, I surfed the recipes from wendyinkk. Her recipes are pretty inspiring and my choice was laid on her tofu recipes, which inspire me to make Braised Beancurd with Shrimp for today's dish. Eating Chinese food has never been boring for me. I like Chinese food. This recipe is easy to be followe

Barbecue Braised Country Spareribs With Beer And Mustard Glaze, Braised Fennel, and more. See all Braised Spareribs With Fennel recipes on Add the vegetable broth and scrape any browned bits from the bottom of the pot. Add the garlic cloves, cinnamon stick, and milk and stir to combine. Bring the liquid to a boil, return the pork and any accumulated juices back to the pot, cover and transfer to the oven for 3 hours

Braised Pork Shoulder with Potato Fennel Puree recipe

60 Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Make Absolutely Everyone Happy. Thanksgiving is a wonderful meal where every single person wants to eat something totally different Food Search: fennel nutrition facts and information. Find recipes with this ingredient or dishes that go with this food on Search for Red Wine Braised Beef. Ingredients: 3 tbsp olive oil 12 cloves garlic, minced 2 onions, finely diced 6 carrots, roughly diced 1 bottle merlot wine 3 cups beef broth 1.5 lb beef short ribs 2.5 lb beef shoulder roast 12 sprigs of thyme 3 bay leaves Salt and pepper Instructions: In a large Dutch oven, heat the olive oil over medium heat In a dutch oven (or similar stove/oven-proof dish), heat the 2 tbsp of oil over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, place the thighs in the dish, skin side down. Leave to sear for

6 minutes. Then flip and brown on the non-skin side for another 4-5 minutes

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Braised Lamb Shanks With Fennel And Baby Potatoes. 0Rating . Bon Appetit These fully cooked boneless beef ribs can be heated from frozen or thawed and then warmed per the included directions. These come with a demi glace sauce that is also served in 5-star restaurants! This most tender, delicious entree can go from the freezer to table in about 20 minutes, and goes well with rice, noodles and your favorite vegetable! Servings: 11 - 6 o

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Place a large Dutch oven on the stove over medium heat. Add the bacon and cook until slightly crispy. Remove the bacon to the side to a paper towel lined plate, retaining the bacon fat. Add the garlic and tomatoes into the dish Put the carrots and half each of the sliced leeks and diced fennel on a foil-lined baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper, coat with cooking spray and toss. Roast until golden, about 25 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a Dutch oven or pot over medium-high heat. Add the remaining leeks and fennel and cook, stirring, until soft, about 4. BON APPÉTIT's Slow-Cooked Pork Shoulder with Braised White Beans. By CookingWhileCaffeinated March 13, 2017 March 13, 2017. 2 Comments on BON APPÉTIT's Slow-Cooked Pork Shoulder with Braised White Beans . So I made this. It was F-ing fan-tastic. How fantastic was it? My husband ate beans. My, I don't like beans five spice braised chicken [L] steamed jasmine rice [L] tempeh baked in sweet chili sauce [L] pork char siu [D] white rice [D] sesame garlic lo mein noodles [D] beef stew with carrots, celery, and potatoes [L] vegetables bean curry made with coconut milk [L] rice pilaf [L] cilantro lime marinated chicken [D

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Fennel is nature's best 2-for-1 deal Fennel and celery share more than just the dubious honor of being incredibly underrated vegetables. Congrats to J. Beck, who won six books from our March Around the Kitchen Table Giveaway: A Measure of Murder by Leslie Karst, Nacho Average Murder by Maddie Day, S'more Murders by Maya Corrigan, Shot in the Dark by Cleo Coyle, Hummus and Homicide by Tina Kashian, and The Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbott Aug 14, 2018 - Roasted lamb shoulder that's meltingly tender and then finished under the broiler until crisp and golden brown 105 votes, 27 comments. 240k members in the castiron community

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Roast turkey 45 minutes. Baste with pan juices. Continue to roast until thermometer inserted into thickest part of thigh registers 165°F to 170°F, basting every 45 minutes, adding stock or water to pan if dry, and tenting loosely with foil if browning too quickly, 3 to 3 1/2 hours longer This is a recipe I invented when cleaning out the fridge before leaving on a trip. Noting the near-full head of celery in my vegetable bin, I decided to make a casserole, using that as the focal point. I'd braise the celery and parsley in some butter and the half-bottle of white wine sitting on.

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Taralli are the famous hard country biscuits from Molise and Campania. They look like bagels and can be made large or small. They appear at every meal and are addictive. They are flavored with fennel seeds, black pepper and peperoncino (crushed red pepper). Try using all these flavorings in the dough or just one, depending on your taste. When taralli are braided they are called treccine (little braids).

  • 1 cup warm water (110-115F)
  • 2 teaspoons active dried yeast
  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 cups unbleached All-Purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons fine sea salt
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons fennel seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon coarse black pepper

Pour the water into a food processor fitted with a dough hook. Add the yeast and pulse to dissolve it. Pour the olive oil into the feed tube.

In a large measuring cup mix the flour with the salt and pour through the feed tube with the motor running. Stop the machine.

Grind the fennel seeds in a spice grinder until coarse. Add them through the feed tube along with the black pepper. Pulse the machine to blend the ingredients. The dough should be soft,

When the dough forms a ball, stop the machine and transfer the dough to a lightly oiled bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow the dough to rise in a warm spot until doubled, about 45 minutes.

Punch down the dough and transfer it to a work surface. Only use flour on the surface if the dough is sticky, but it should be fine without it.

Roll the dough out into a 36-inch log. Cut 36 1-inch pieces.

Roll two pieces into an 8 inch rope, then twist the pieces together to form a braid. Pinch the ends together to form a circle.

Allow the biscuits to rise on lightly greased baking sheets for about 20 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Bake the biscuits about 25-30 minutes or until nicely browned. Turn off the oven and allow the them to really dry out in the oven. They should be the consistency of a hard cracker. Cool.

Serve at room temperature with cheese and olives and a glass of wine.

To freeze, wrap the biscuits individually in plastic wrap and then in a large zip lock bag. They will keep for about 3 months

Cook: Real Food Every Day is full of wholesome meal solutions for busy lives. Transform your pantry with must-have everyday ingredients, discover fast recipes for sheet pan suppers and grain bowls, and learn how a Sunday cooking session will save your week. From effortless entertaining to weeknight baking, our recipes are easy to follow and accompanied by beautiful photography, making you excited to cook real food, every day.

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