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Chicken with mushrooms in creamy sauce

Chicken with mushrooms in creamy sauce

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The meat is portioned and seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, oregano and paprika.

Fry the pieces over low heat and turn on all sides until well penetrated.

Finely chop the finely chopped onion and green garlic.

Add the sour cream, lapel, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste and simmer for a few minutes.

When the meat is ready, put it in the mushroom sauce.

Serve hot.

Good appetite!


Useful advice

  1. For chicken paste, of course, it is better to use fresh or chilled meat. Thawing will be harsh. But if you should have used such a net, then after thawing, beat it with a light hammer.
  2. Pasta should be drunk with sauces just before meals, otherwise it will clear up and your eyesight will be unapproved.
  3. When we add cream to the mushrooms, it is necessary to turn off the flame. So they will remain liquid and will not burden the whole table, they will not bend. Before putting pasta in the sauce, turn on the heat again and continue cooking
  4. It is necessary to boil the pasta made in half, it is complete with hot sauce
  5. To make pasta of the desired consistency, keep the proportion: one liter of water & # 8211 one hundred grams of pasta.

The more herbs you add to the dishes, the more flavorful and tasty they will turn out to be.

Chicken with mushroom sauce

Cut the chicken breasts in half, season with salt and pepper to taste.

In a yena bowl add the olive oil. Put the chicken fillets and roll them well in oil, then place them nicely in the pan. Squeeze the juice from 1/2 lemon over the chicken. Slice the other half of the lemon and add one slice to each piece of chicken.

Bake the chicken until it is completely penetrated (about 30-40 minutes).

In a pan, melt the butter and add the mushrooms and a little salt. Cook the mushrooms, stirring constantly, until they turn brown and the water left by them evaporates. Sprinkle the flour over the mushrooms and continue to mix them until the mushrooms are completely wrapped in flour. Add the chicken soup. Bring everything to a boil until you get a thick sauce, like sour cream. If necessary, you can add chicken soup. When the sauce is ready, add the parsley.

Pour the sauce over the chicken breast.

You can serve the chicken with mushroom sauce with a simple garnish of steamed rice or vegetables.

Recipes that might interest you

A delicious and filling sauce

An interesting and tasty appetizer.

In many Latin American countries and in Spain you can find cakes with the same name, but the recipes are completely different.

Empanadas - large Argentine pies with beef fried in lard.

  • & ltp & gt & lta href = https: // target = _blank rel = noopener & gt & ltstrong & gt2 jars (560 g) Bonduelle sliced ​​mushrooms & lt / strong & gt & lt / a & gt & lt / p &
  • & ltp & gt400 ml milk & lt / p & gt
  • & ltp & gt70 g unt & lt / p & gt
  • & ltp & gt & ampfrac12 dill link & lt / p & gt
  • & ltp & gt & ampfrac12 parsley link & lt / p & gt
  • & ltp & gt2 tablespoons flour & lt / p & gt
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  • & ltp & gtpiper & lt / p & gt

Finely chop the dill and parsley into larger pieces and drain the mushrooms.

Put 30 g butter in a saucepan over low heat and let it melt. Gradually add the flour and mix quickly with a whisk. Take the pan off the heat and add the milk over which pepper is sprinkled. Mix everything well and let it cook for about 5 minutes, until the composition cools down well. At the end add the chopped dill and mix with the rest of the composition.

Put the mushrooms and the rest of the butter in a saucepan and sprinkle with salt. Boil the mushrooms over medium heat for 5 minutes.

Recipe of the day: Mushrooms with chicken in cream cheese sauce

350 g mushrooms, sliced
200 g chicken breast, pieces
3 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons oil
80 ml white wine
3-4 tablespoons cream cheese
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1-2 tablespoons chopped dill
& frac12 link chopped parsley

Method of preparation

Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the garlic for 1-2 minutes. Add the mushrooms and chicken and turn them periodically until they change color. Salt and pepper to taste. Quench the ingredients with white wine and let it dry completely.

Incorporate the milk and cream into the mixture until you get a homogeneous sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix with dill, parsley and lemon juice. Serve immediately.

How to prepare chicken legs with creamy mushroom sauce

Preheat the oven to 180 o C and grease a yena dish with a little oil.

Season the chicken legs with kosher salt and pepper.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the chicken with the skin down until it turns golden. Then add the chicken to the yena bowl, taking care to leave the skin up and bake it until it is well penetrated.

In the pan in which you fried the chicken, add the mushrooms and cook over low heat with a little salt. When the mushrooms start to soften, add the garlic and flour. Mix well, then incorporate the chicken soup, wine and mustard. Bring everything to a boil until the mushrooms are well penetrated and the sauce acquires a creamy consistency. All the while, stirring constantly so it doesn't stick. Season to taste with salt then turn off the heat. Add the rosemary and thyme and mix well.

Over the mushroom sauce, add the freshly removed chicken legs from the oven, together with the juice they left. Sprinkle the chicken with mushroom sauce on top and sprinkle with parsley.

Chicken with mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce

  • 2 pieces chicken breast
  • 0.4 kg of shampoos
  • 0.3 liters of cream 22% fat
  • Creamy butter (not spread).
  1. Wash the mushrooms, cut into large pieces. Preheat pan, melt butter, slice mushrooms, fry until boiling
  2. While the mushrooms are cooking, the chicken breast should be cut into medium slices of 2-3 cm
  3. Add the chicken to the mushrooms, mix everything. Simmer until the chicken is pale. Pour in the cream, in season, add salt at the end
  4. Peel the garlic, cut it with a knife or pass it through a press. Add to pan, stir.

After the sauce thickens, the chicken with mushrooms can be removed from the stove. The finished dish turns out to be very delicate due to the combination of garlic and cream. Serve with your favorite plate or just salad leaves.

With the champions

  • Time: 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Serving per container: 6 people.
  • Types of calories: 2158 kcal.
  • Purpose: for lunch.
  • Kitchen: at home.
  • Difficulty: medium.

A tender piece of chicken in cream sauce, abundant mushrooms, fresh herbs & # 8211 the perfect lunch for lovers of culinary simplicity. Cooking is a pleasure, especially if there is a multicooker at home that facilitates this process. In it, the chicken with mushrooms in cream will be especially juicy and soft, and the sauce will be creamy. To beat it better, experts recommend adding egg whites.

  • pui & # 8211 700 g
  • fresh mushrooms & # 8211 300 g
  • cream & # 8211 300 ml
  • or (protein)
  • light bulb
  • a lot of greenery
  • vegetable oil & # 8211 40 ml
  • epic.
  1. Pour oil into the bottom of the pan. Pour half the onion rings. Fry until transparent.
  2. Mushrooms cut into thick plates. Add the same, fry before the moisture evaporates.
  3. Wash the chicken parts, grill with spices. Put a slow cooker, cover. Set the mode & bdquocoacere & rdquo, cook for 50 minutes.
  4. Beat the sour cream with egg whites and herbs. Pour the chicken and mushrooms with the resulting sauce. Continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

Chicken breast in mushroom sauce

Preheat the oven to 200C / gas stage 6. Rub the chicken breasts with lemon juice and season with salt and white pepper.

Melt the butter in a round heat-resistant dish (diameter 25 cm) and cook in it, over medium heat, the green onion until golden brown. Add the mushrooms and cook for 1-2 minutes with a little salt. Put the chicken breast in the pot on the fire and cook everything for 3-4 minutes. Cover the dish with a heat-resistant lid and put the chicken in the oven.

After 10 minutes, take it out and test the meat. If it is still soft when you press it with your finger, it must be left in the oven for 3-5 minutes. The meat is ready if it looks elastic to the touch.

Remove the chicken breasts on a heated plate, but leave the mushrooms in the bowl to make the sauce over them. Pour the soup juice and wine over the mushrooms mixed with butter. Boil them over high heat until the liquid becomes as thick as a syrup.

Pour and mix and whip the liquid and continue to boil the mixture until it becomes a creamy sauce. Turn off the heat, season with salt and pepper to taste and add a few drops of lemon juice.

Pour the sauce over the chicken breast and serve sprinkled with green parsley.


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